Will it ever change?

Rosa Parks on the bus

Yesterday i took a flight from Cairo to Johannesburg, but stopping first in Addis Ababa. The first flight went well, as well as the second one too, except for one incident. Almost everyone was on board already waiting for the plane to move when one guy insisted that someone else wouldn’t sit next to him. Sitting few seats away from him, i was able to get what the story was all about. The man stood up and told the flight attendant that he was sitting next to this other guy on the first flight, and that he has personal issues with him. The story turned out to be that (and im sorry for using labels but this is how it went) a white man decided than a black man shouldn’t sit next to him and his wife.

Almost everyone sitting around us got really angry because of the racist man, and not only this, but the flight attendant actually asked the guy to come with her so that could find him another seat. Passengers started screaming at the young guy telling him not to give up his seat or right, and if the other man and his wife are not happy then they should leave. But, the other man looked back at us saying ‘ it will never change.’

Rosa Parks refused to leave her seat, and it is not really about the seat, but actually about the idea and rights of these people. But even with her being the first woman (or black) doing so, they are still discriminated against, which proves that the other people dealing with them will never change; may be they just got a bit better. We call for a world where racism, but in every country we exclude a group for some reason, whether it is Egypt, US, or anywhere else in the world. I guess we just enjoy labeling people and then call ourselves non-racists.

Check this link for words from Parks



4 thoughts on “Will it ever change?

  1. I’m guessing airplanes have guidelines for how to handle passengers who –for whatever reason– complain about the passenger next to them. What surprises me is the fact that the flight attendant didn’t move the racist sociopath and his wife to a new seat.

    There an occasion when I requested a seat change because I didn’t want to be next to someone. That someone was a scab and it was during the highly emotionally charged Writers Guild of America strike in 2007. After weeks of picketing in NBC, ABC and CBS, in all kinds weather I simply didn’t have the stomach to listen to this idiot drone on about how cool it was that he got hired to finish a studio script for the duration of the flight. I wouldn’t have even known he was a scab if he hadn’t been bragging about it, but he was and so I knew and was bothered.

    It was awkward but I did my best to keep my request quiet and low key when I called the flight attendant to inform him that I wanted to change seats due to a political conflict. I made it clear it was not a personal one. Given the emotional climate of the WGA strike and the length of the flight, however, I would prefer another seat if one was available. The flight attendant relocated me and that was that.

    Why weren’t the racist sociopath and his wife weren’t relocated by the flight attendant? This makes no sense to me! It is completely unacceptable that an international airline would comply with this. What was the airline, anyway?

    • lamiahassan says:

      I was shocked that the attendant moved the guy who was complaining as opposed to the other who was not. When she moved him, the other rude guy and his wife left the chair in between them empty, put their stuff on, and enjoyed their trip. I’m sure attendants are usually given orders to deal with passengers, but i guess with those complaining, she should move the ones complaining and not the other way around. She burst in tears afterwards and apologized to some of the people who were really angry, but they were all threatening that this would be their first and last trip on their airline. It was the Ethiopian Airline, which actually made one woman say: “If he thinks he is a god, why is he taking our airline then? He should fly on Emirates or something”.

  2. That flight attendant disgraced herself and she disgraced Ethiopian Airlines.

  3. Lamia, I am disgusted by this! Racism is sadly in their blood, that man is right- “It will never change!”

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